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Local courier delivery service

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Your time to earn

Your time, your vehicle, your time to earn! You get 70% of each driving fee.

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Any vehicle

You can do deliveries using any kind of vehicle. Bicycle, bike, car, van, truck.

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Your routes

Set your daily routes to attract more deliveries!

The next generation city delivery service bridging the last mile gap

Locodels is sharing economy based city delivery service. We focus on the same day, door to door, city delivery service solving the last mile gap for e-commerce and retailers.

Our sweet spot B2B customers are small companies that need daily delivery services of up to 10 packages, but it is not a limit. We offer them a price that is 20% below the market level, just as they would get from classic delivery companies for the count of 20 or higher daily deliveries.

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Log in to our system, select your delivery time, destination and parcel size.

Prepare your package

Prepare the package for our couriers. It can be packaged in a box or just in a simple bag.

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Courier arrives

Our couriers will arrive within desired time (30 minutes, 60 minutes, 120 minutes) and pickup your package.


You will receive a notification about successful delivery.

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Build. Future. Now.

Strong brands and small businesses are using Locodels to deliver everything from consumer electronics to beauty products and flowers. Save customers time with fast, flexible, last mile delivery.

We offer three payment models to our customers

Classic credit card payment, prepaid option and postpaid option. Classic credit card payments are used for one-by-one delivery payments. With prepaid model our customers deposit certain amount that depends on the city itself. That model is mostly used by companies where CEO or CFO hold the credit card and administration guys have access to our system.Postpaid option (weekly, bi-weekly, monthly) is reserved for the biggest clients found in retail area.


  • Clear pricing

  • Pay per distance

  • Insurance


  • Local deliveries

  • Your schedule

  • Weekly payments


  • Automated process

  • Transparent data

  • Realtime status