How to enroll?

It's simple! Register, select desired city and role (business or courier) and upload your pictures. We will contact you shortly for an interview!

How am I getting paid?

You'll receive your fee once a week, every Monday. There are two payment channels: PayPal and wire transfer. Couriers with registered businesses are paid via wire transfer uppon sending an invoice.

When do I need to work?

Anytime you like! We do not enforce any kind of threshold. Enjoy, drive and earn money!

Where do I need to deliver?

Average driven distance per delivery is 10 km. Deliveries are done within the city limits.

What kind of vehicle do I need?

Deliveries are grouped by size - small (5kg), standard (20kg) and large (above 20kg). Most of our deliveries are done with cars, but smaller packages can be delivered on foot, by bicycle or using public transportation system.

Do you have a mobile app?

Yes, drivers are using an app. You need a smartphone (or tablet) with Android or iOS operating system.

How fast do I need to be?

We offer three priority types:

  • Classic - pickup within 120 minutes and delivery within 120 minutes after the pickup
  • Express - pickup within 60 minutes and immediate delivery
  • Expre$$ - pickup within 30 minutes and immediate delivery