Your customers gain choice and convenience. You gain sales, customer loyalty and a competitive advantage.


Our focus is your growth

Focus on what you do best - your business. We are solving the last mile issue making delivery affordable, predictable, and flexible.

We speak your language making your metrics even better! Your customers deserve the best quality, you. And they deserve the best delivery service - Locodels!

Connected systems

We've made integration into your online heckout as simple and seamless as possible. Your IT team will appreciate simplicity of our web services integration.

Alternatively we offer an in store option where no integration is needed. Cashiers place delivery orders through a quick and easy web based form.

We care for you and your customers

Deliveries organised by Locodels network are insured for theft, damage or loss of merchendise.

Packaging that meets your needs

With our same day service, less packaging is required. User boxes or bags that are convenient for your goods.

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